What You Need To Know To Light Up Your Home The Right Way

Lighting in a home plays a huge role in creating a bright and lit space or a dull and gloomy space. That is why when you are building your home for the first time you need to make sure you pay attention to every little thing to get this right. So here are some of those details you should be focusing on.

The ceiling height

Depending on the height of your ceiling you need to select lights that aren’t too low or too high especially if you are installing pendant or hanging lights. The reason for this is because while there are adjustable light fixtures that could be easily adjusted to your requirements even without an electrician Maroochydore, there are others that cannot be shaped as such.

Focusing on those hanging over the table

If you are installing hanging lights over your dining tables the recommended distance amongst them would be 28 to 34 inches from the end of the light bulb to the table surface. However this also depends on the sort of lights you install. While the smaller lights could be adjusted lower, larger lights look better when they are higher.

Plan things

Before you start anything though it is essential that you draw a plan of where you want what hanging and how they should be placed. Taking the natural light factor in to account when doing so also helps to make best use out of already available light in the day time and cut down electricity costs. In addition to that consider the sort of lights you would want hanging over different locations in your house. This way you would be able to select the ideal form of lighting for each and every room in your home!

Use a range of lights

Although downlights are all the rage today in just about every single space, doesn’t mean your entire house should be lit up with these. Instead try out different sorts of lights and designs to create a varying range of ambience and brightness in your home. These downlights could sometimes only end up casting low shadows and direct light that is too strong for the eyes. However, when combined with other kinds their effect is less!

Select the right light shade

The colours emitted by the lights is another detail to consider when aiming at nailing lighting in any space. While the light fixtures and shades matter, the varying hues the shades emit also create a whole other vibe for an entire space. So try installing yellow light at the bottom of the walls in a staircase or white lights above a bold shaded space to create some of the best effects. Try the above tips in your home as well and give every little space a whole new look without spending too much!