A New Style Of Chinese Cuisine

fine eating chinese restaurant

Amazing taste in the area

For lovers of real Chinese food, bamboo house set out to create a distinctive fine eating Chinese restaurant experience in Melbourne. The best and freshest ingredients are used by our talented team of chefs to produce mouthwatering dishes and flavors, all of which are presented with the highest levels of service.

Bamboo house invites you to stray from the path and experience authentic fine eating Chinese restaurant Melbourne Chinese cuisine. We only use the highest-quality fresh and seasonal vegetables when sourcing our ingredients, which is what makes them so unique. Ingredients that are local, seasonal, and sustainable have been used to develop our fine eating Chinese restaurant Melbourne menu. Local businesses and farmers are supported by the use of locally sourced ingredients.

At Bamboo house, we work hard to spread the love of traditional and authentic Asian food. The Asian grocery sector does not meet the needs of the community’s growing concern about health and wellbeing, according to our extensive market research. In response, we have created a line of goods that are quick to make, satisfy any dietary requests from customers, and maintain the original flavors of Asia.

High-quality cuisine

We have a gorgeously decorated dining area inside that’s great for catching up with friends or going out on a date to Cantonese cuisine Melbourne central business district. Either modest tables for two people or larger tables for a family gathering are available at the restaurant. The best northern dishes may be enjoyed at our excellent dining establishment, which is conveniently located in Melbourne. With the largest outside eating and drinking space, it is the ideal place to commemorate significant milestones outside Cantonese cuisine Melbourne. Learn about delicious cuisine specialties including Melbourne’s best Peking duck.

Due to our commitment to providing only authentic, high-quality cuisine created with the freshest local ingredients, many people consider Bamboo House to be the greatest alfresco Cantonese cuisine Melbourne. Your supper will go well with a selection of wines from Bamboo House’s large wine list, which is fully licensed. On our extensive beverage menu, pick from a choice of domestic and foreign wines, beers, and spirits. For a romantic date night, a few drinks with friends, or a family dinner

Our food takes the tradition of taste passed down to us by generations of Chinese Australians and transforms it in a very unique and personal way. With family-friendly, wheat products, and veganism options, bamboo house’s broad menu, which draws inspiration from the various Chinese cities, has something for everyone. Bamboo house tapas, dim sum, and dumplings let you sample a variety of cuisines. You may also use great fresh ingredients to make your own hot pot.

Accommodation For The Family With The Best Place And House

accommodation in Mansfield

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Luxury accommodation for your family.

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Clean houses are available for you.

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