Duties And Role Of The Strata Manager

Strata manager and property managers are the terms which are used interchangeably but these are not the same term and many people have this confusion. The property manager is the person who is responsible for the collections of the rents and the management of the properties which are not his own belongings but he performs all these kinds of tasks on behalf of the actual owner who pays him for it and usually the properties that the property manager manages are non-strata and therefore, these do not have the strict regulations and rules as the strata property. The strata manage on the other hand needs to ensure that all the regulations and rules of the strata are managed according to the contract. In most of the cases, the tenants and the owner himself is not aware of the many rules of the strata properties and therefore, the strata manager in Sydney helps them to understand the rules and resolves their disputes and answers their concerns.

Responsibilities and duties:

Administration duties:

The strata manager is assigned to handle all the aspects of the building which could either be outside of the building that could include the buyers and then inside the building which include the current tenant management.

Another important duty of the strata manager is the upkeep of the properties which includes all the major and the minor repairs and maintenance work such as the pools cleanliness, repairing of the lifts among other things.

The strata manager works as the bridge between the owner and the tenant and therefore, he manages all the communication between them and keep both sides aware of the other.

The strata manager also deals with the insurances as well as keeping the records of all the contracts of the owners and the tenants. He also maintains the documentations of the repairs and maintenance of the property.

Social duties:

There are certain laws applied to the strata properties but the strata manager with the consent of the owner could amend and implement certain laws and rules. In case when the tenants are not aware of any rule then the strata manager makes them understand and answer their queries. Not only this but he listens to all kind of the feedback and analyse that which of the rules applied are effective and which are not, then these are communicated to the owner and amended to make the most of the properties. Although these are some of the basic duties of the strata manager and this could increase or decrease depending on the kind of the strata properties that the manager is managing. Visit this webpage to find out more details.