Differences Between Split System And Ducted Air Conditioning

split system air conditioning

There are number of electronic appliances which are used for variety of entertaining process in residential and commercial buildings One of that electronic machinery are the air conditioners, which are the best for cooler air production. Two of the best and commonly used ACs are the split system air conditioning and ducted air conditioning systems. Both of these have different technicalities associated to them which eventually result in different applications and services. The availability and cost of purchase widely differ from one another, as the service limitation is also an associated factor with AC. Split system have both interior and exterior installation of AC parts while the ducted system have ducts in multiple number for the route of cooler air flow. Therefore, installation features in these conditioning systems also are highly different and protected.

Split system air conditioning

The contrasting featured and the best alternative to the central air conditioner is the application of split system air conditioning system. The split based conditioners system works appropriately for small rooms; it does not follow the centralized cooling system. Residential and commercial building with large cabinetry and rooms accommodation are present, split system air conditioning installation will be suitable for cooling. Expert installers like electricians or technicians directly from the air conditioner agency are called-in to perform the installation services of air conditioner and its subsequent technical parts.

Split system air conditioning as the name indicates have special feature in the machinery assembly. This one has interior cooling unit fitting with the main compressor ben installed in the outer surfaces of the building. This will help in easy cooling in the inner space with least noise production because of the air conditioner functioning appear to the premise. Therefore, may houses and offices have split ACs systems in their electronic appliances checklist.

Ducted air conditioning systems

On the other hand, an entirely different but beneficial air conditioning mechanism is the ducted air conditioning systems. The functioning and servicing of ducted one is much wider and complex in comparison to the split system. As, split was sufficient for one room or individual areas, the ducted air conditioning one is quite useful for whole building cooling. This has number of ducts installed with main cooling machinery of the system which have supply to different locations of a building, allowing the uniform distribution of air in all places of a building.

Ducted air conditioning has all its parts installed in the interior space unlike the split one. The heating and cooling is equally distributed simultaneously at same temperature setting. One other striking feature of ducted ACs is that it is not much affordable at reasonable prices as complex systematic science is involved in the construction of system.


Split system air conditioning and ducted air conditioning are two different cooling system built in with different technical features. The former one is feasible for individual room cooling services while the latter offers cooling to whole building. For more information please contact: platinumac.com.au